Push Reset By Escaping To A Month-To-Month RV Park


Do you need a break from your normal life? Are you looking for some private time alone or do you want to head out into the outdoors with a close friend or significant other and just relax for a while? If you own an RV, one option instead of just doing your normal weekend camping trip would be to drive to a month-to-month RV park. Here's why a more long-term living scenario in your RV might be a good idea. 

Solid Amenities and Community

A month-to-month RV park may offer better amenities than the typical RV park that's designed for a short-term camping trip. You might have access to WiFi, a washer and dryer, a recreational area for the kids, or even a hook-up for cable or satellite TV in a nearby clubhouse. You can turn your living situation into something that almost offers everything you would have in an apartment community.

Speaking of community, a month-to-month RV park may offer events to bring members of the park together. You'll likely run into some people who share the same interests or love for the great outdoors. You'll still have the ability to go inside your RV and just relax if you want to get away from everything but you can head outside and talk to others if you get lonely.

Save Money While Figuring Things Out

Are you looking to sell your home or move out of your current apartment and downsize? Maybe instead of rushing into finding your next permanent residence, use a month-to-month RV park to secure a home base for yourself and your family while you plan out your next move. A month-to-month RV park will charge much less than what you would likely pay for rent or your next mortgage payment. If you need to push reset on your finances, an RV park could allow you to save up some money or pay off some debt before you start seeking more permanent housing.

Explore the Country One Park at a Time

When you have an RV, you can live anywhere. You could consider a trip where you stay at multiple different month-to-month RV parks. Maybe start out in your home state but then spend a month in the next state over or set up shop somewhere with better weather than what you are currently experiencing.

Contact a month-to-month RV park in your area to discuss your options. 


14 March 2023

Welcome to the Great Outdoors

When you arrive at a camping spot, do you ever feel like nature is just reaching out and welcoming you? The grass on the ground and the leaves on the trees always look so lush and green, and you just can't wait for that fresh, clean feeling you get when you wake up in nature the next day. That's the thing about camping — it removes you from your daily environment and immerses you in nature. Whether you camp at a campground or you find an off-trail spot to pitch your tent in the wilderness, there's a real, human beauty in the activity. We'll blog more about that here.