Gifted Summer Camp: A Perfect Environment For Your Exceptional Child


If you have a child whom educators have deemed to be gifted, you may consider switching schools so that he or she can be in the best educational institute possible. When the end of the school year arrives, it's appropriate to look for a way that your child can continue to learn and be challenged outside of the classroom, and that can come in the form of attending summer camp for gifted children. Many such camps exist, including overnight summer camps in New England, and they are designed to give exceptionally bright boys and girls a different learning environment for part of their summer break. Here are some reasons that gifted summer camp is a good choice for your child. 

New Challenges

Gifted summer camp is all about learning, and you can expect that your child will learn things that go well beyond what he or she has learned at school. For example, if the child has been learning science topics in the sixth grade, science workshops at gifted summer camp may be geared toward eighth graders. This environment is perfect for challenging your gifted child, who would quickly get bored in an environment that isn't intellectually stimulating enough. 

Exposure To Other Gifted Children

To an outside observer, it could seem that gifted children have it easy at school. They get good grades and may not have to work very hard at all times. The reality, however, is that gifted children may struggle socially. Other children who are jealous may tease students who get top grades, and your child may even begin to feel badly about his or her high aptitude. Attending gifted summer camp gives the child a chance to meet other children in similar situations, which can lead to friendships and help your child to realize that there are other children who are like him or her. 

Potential Career Path Guidance

Many exceptional children have their sights set on certain careers long before their peers do. Even in a younger grade, for example, a gifted child may be adamant that he or she is going to be a doctor. Gifted summer camp can often provide helpful career guidance to children, regardless of their age. Sometimes, professionals will visit the camp as guest speakers, and their advice and some time to answer questions afterward can be instrumental in helping your child to hone his or her focus toward a certain career or perhaps even slightly adjust his or her career path.


5 April 2018

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