4 Ways Jeep Tent Camp Rentals Makes Trips Hassle-Free


When you plan a camping trip, you have a wide range of options to choose from for your adventures. One of the options to consider is Jeep tent camping. Through Jeep tent camping services, you have the opportunity to rent a Jeep that has been customized for camp adventures and exploration in the great outdoors.

Not only does a Jeep camp rental provide a lot of the items you need to camp with, but the rental can make your trip hassle-free in many ways. Check out some of the ways Jeep tent camping will transform your outdoor experience.

1. Automatic Tent Set-Up

With a Jeep tent, you do not need to worry about laying out poles, balancing a tent, or hammering stakes into the ground. Once you are ready to use the tent, the tent will rise up and lock into place. Most Jeep tents sleep two people and feature a built-in foam pad for easy access.

When you are ready to drive again, you simply lower the tent back down and it locks into a closed position. The process will eliminate a lot of the set-up time that often comes with camping.

2. Rear Jeep Kitchen Access

The rear section of a camping Jeep rental includes a built-in kitchen. Easily slide out a propane stovetop, sink, and tabletop for cooking access. With the features, you do not need to bring a grill or rely on a campfire to cook meals. The burner allows you to boil water, use pans, and make a wide variety of meals for everyone who camps.

3. Reduction of Dirt & Debris

With a tent located high up on top of the Jeep, you do not need to worry about excess dirt and debris in your sleep area. As you climb a ladder to get into the tent, you can remove your footwear and easily access the tent with clean feet. The reduction of dirt not only adds comfort but makes clean-up a lot easier when you head home from your camp trip.

4. Easy Camp Spot Selection

Typically, when you look for a spot to pitch a tent, you will look for smooth terrain without a lot of rocks or tree roots. You do not need to worry about either of those when you camp in a Jeep. You can simply park in any location the Jeep takes you have a nice camping area. The flexibility allows you to select diverse and private camp areas at your favorite travel locations.

Once you camp with a Jeep tent camper, you can see the differences in person and enjoy the experience. For more information on Jeep tent camping, contact a professional near you.


14 July 2022

Welcome to the Great Outdoors

When you arrive at a camping spot, do you ever feel like nature is just reaching out and welcoming you? The grass on the ground and the leaves on the trees always look so lush and green, and you just can't wait for that fresh, clean feeling you get when you wake up in nature the next day. That's the thing about camping — it removes you from your daily environment and immerses you in nature. Whether you camp at a campground or you find an off-trail spot to pitch your tent in the wilderness, there's a real, human beauty in the activity. We'll blog more about that here.