A Flatbed Camping System—Support Your Overnight Adventures


A flatbed truck camping system will support overnight adventures at your favorite campground or forested region. A camping system will consist of a pop-up or mechanically-operated attachment that is secured to a base piece.

The Truck Deck

The deck is the base piece that attaches directly to a truck bed. This part is usually made of aluminum, steel, or another durable metal material. A deck can be purchased separately, but may also be included with a flatbed truck camping system. Many deck manufacturers equip deck products with custom features, including storage compartments that can be used to stow extra batteries, tools, and other essentials that may be needed when traveling. 

The Shell

The shell of a camper will be designed to remain compacted while a truck is being driven. The shell may be constructed of fiberglass, a resin-reinforced composite, metal, or wood. The shell will contain a built-in doorway that will provide access to the interior of a camper.

Shell models may feature a pop-up design. This type of design will require the use of a crank or another accessory that will expand the shell to its full capacity. Many shell models feature a hydraulic system or an electrical system. Either of these two types of systems will allow an end user to quickly expand their camper to its full size. A camper shell will be designed to raise in height. 

The Interior

Modern camping systems come with many comforts and technological features that will make an off-road adventure accommodating. A composting toilet, a bed, a refrigerator, and a cooktop are some basic items that are included with many camper models. The layout of a camper will reflect how much movement can be conducted while spending time in a camper.

A camper will come equipped with freshwater tanks. These tanks can be used for bathing and cooking. When shopping for a camping system, assess the square footage within a camper model. Then, look at the layout that a camper comes equipped with. A manufacturer will specify how many people a camper can comfortably support.

The advertisement for a particular camper model will outline how much sleeping room a camper comes with. A dealer of camping systems may feature some models that customers can tour. A dealer may also provide an installation service. Upon purchasing the base piece and the system, it will be attached directly to the bed of your truck. 

For more info about flatbed truck campers, contact a local company. 


16 January 2023

Welcome to the Great Outdoors

When you arrive at a camping spot, do you ever feel like nature is just reaching out and welcoming you? The grass on the ground and the leaves on the trees always look so lush and green, and you just can't wait for that fresh, clean feeling you get when you wake up in nature the next day. That's the thing about camping — it removes you from your daily environment and immerses you in nature. Whether you camp at a campground or you find an off-trail spot to pitch your tent in the wilderness, there's a real, human beauty in the activity. We'll blog more about that here.